Support plan

Why would I need a support plan for WordPress?

When people invest in a new website, there is a common mis-conception that it “will work flawlessly forever” unfortunately it won’t. Over time bugs and security issues will become a part of it.

We make sure your website runs the latest software, is stable, secure and faster than ever before. And if you have a question or a problem, just shoot it our way, we are here to help. No more headaches.

What is included?

What’s included depends on the contract you have with us. The basic (Protection) plan covers: WordPress, theme and plugin updates, off-site back-ups and security monitoring. For more information about the plans please take a look at our Plans & Prices section.

What is not included

  • Moving websites. Moving the website to a new hosting provider is not included. It can additionally be requested against the hourly rate.
  • Search Engine optimisation. SEO related work is not included. It can additionally be requested against the hourly rate.
  • Adding pages. We can assist the client in the process of creating new pages, but that is not included in our contracts. It can additionally be requested against the hourly rate.
  • New functionalities. Adding new functionalities is not included. It can additionally be requested against the hourly rate.

What is the minimum period of a contract?

The minimum period of a contract is 1 month, you can cancel it at any time.

Can I try it first?

Sorry, but no. You can however cancel your contract at any time.

Ok, sign me up! How do we do this?

If you want to start WP Support for your WordPress website, please fill out the form on our Let’s get started page. We will contact you to gather the data and set up a contract.

How do i cancel?

Are you sure? This never happened to us before! But if you really insist, send us an email at info@wpsupport.io and we will contact you personally to verify it’s really you.

Help, I was hacked!

Why me?

In most cases you got hacked because your website, theme and/or plugins were not up-to-date.

“Hackers” often discover vulnerabilities in the code and will attempt to take advantage of this.  In most cases no human action is even needed throughout this process.

Most attacks are not pointed at a specific website or organisation, but are done through automated scripts scanning the Internet for sites that might be suitable candidates for an exploit. When these scripts detect software with a vulnerability, an automated script is executed that installs malicious software on that website (for instance phishing pages or spam mailing software). Keeping your software updated and having security measures in place will protect you from that.

Can you fix my website?

Probably yes. Until now we were able to fix every hacked website we came across, but that’s not a guarantee.

If for instance your website files have been deleted and there are no back-ups, chances of recovery are close to zero. That’s one of the reasons we advice everybody to back-up their installs.

How much does it cost to fix my website?

Sadly there isn’t a fixed number we can give you for that. What we do first is analyse the situation to see what we can do. This usually takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour. After the analyses we will give you a proposal.

Our rate is €85 /h during office hours and €120 /h after office hours or during the weekend.

Updating WordPress

Running updates is easy, what can go wrong?

In a prefect world an update is a matter of pressing a button and your website runs perfectly on the latest software. In the real world however that isn’t always the case. After an update conflicts between server software, the CMS and plugins are a very common problem. These issues then need to be resolved and there is no button in your CMS that you can press to make that happen. In short updating isn’t always straight forward, not updating however, is not an option either.


Do you host websites?

We don’t host websites ourselves, but our hosting partner www.savvii.eu does. In our Superhero support plan hosting is included.

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