Monthly WordPress Support Plans

We are no ordinary IT team. We are WordPress Superheroes! It’s our mission to protect and serve your WordPress install. Pick your plan.

  • Protection plan
    89 monthly
    • WordPress Core Updates
    • Theme Updates
    • Plugin Updates
    • 24/7 Security Monitoring
    • Off-Site Backups
  • Superhero Plan
    249 monthly
    • Includes Hero plan plus:
    • Complex Plugins
    • Discount on Hosting
    • Weekly functionality check
    • SEO Tracking Report

Protection plan € 89 / month

Great for starters

Free Intake

The time spend to analyze your website and install the plugins to deliver our support.

Theme updates

Your website runs on a Theme. Over time a theme comes out with updates that we will run for you.

WordPress Updates

Never worry about updating WordPress core again, let us handle all your updates immediately.

Plugin updates

The power of WordPress is in the plugins. We make sure that the updates are run smoothly on your website.

Off-Site Backups

The three rules about website maintenance: Backup, Backup, Backup. So that when something goes wrong, it’s not the end of the world.

24/7 Security

Regular malware scans can help identify any security issues before they become a serious problem. No more surprises.

Hero plan € 149 / month

Great for professional bloggers & small business

Includes all of the Protection plan, plus:

Manual updates

Updates are ran manually and tested to ensure the functioning of the website.

30 min. support job

A 30 minute support job a month you can give us to optimize your website.

Rapid response

Your support tickets go on top of the pile. This doesn’t mean we don’t help other customers. All customers are equal, but some customers are more equal than others.

Uptime monitoring

We monitor the uptime and jump in the moment we get a notification of downtime.

Speed optimizatoin

We setup premium speed up tools on your website that will make it run faster.

Superhero plan € 249 / month

Great for your growing business

Includes all of the Protection and Hero plan, plus:

Complex plugin

Updates of complex plugins, like eCommerce, ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), Listings, Multi-lingual. These plugins are more complex to maintain and update.

Discount on Hosting

Discount on specialized WordPress hosting for optimal speed and security by Savvii. A VPS for € 69,- p.m. instead of € 79,- p.m. Hosting is not included in this plan.

Weekly Functionality Check

The functioning of your website is checked weekly by an expert and proactively improved.

SEO Tracking

No more SEO surprises through a real-time SEO auditing and content tracking system.


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